Caffeine and Tea.

Caffeine has been a troublesome molecule for me. Red Bull once made my chest hurt badly, and I also ended up with a year worth of sporadic palpitations (daily, but they tapered down from far too frequent for comfort to a few PVCs a day) from drinking coffee, and then working out hard, before running […]

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No Drama.

It took me a while to realize that I really shouldn’t be getting involved with speaking on other vendors and their offerings. I was told this by several people I’ve known for years and even customers of mine who are fully supportive of me and what I do. I’ve now decided to stay out of […]

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On Tea Exoticism and Romance.

Many Western tea heads really fall in love with the exotic nature and novelty of Chinese and Japanese tea culture, to the point where they think tea is above issues that affect other products in our world. In reality, tea is an agricultural product. Tea and teaware are both major businesses, and not just in […]

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